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Whose child is 'standard' anyway?

As Einstein said, “Standardise automobiles, not human beings”. Education needs fundamental change so it can serve the child and the future of the planet rather than the state and current economic system, but can you afford to watch your child’s formative years slip by while you wait for that to happen? You’re on our website, so the chances are you’ve already decided you can’t. The Brilliant Curriculum offers a brighter future for your child and the planet.

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See Brilliance in action

Students at Seven Oaks School in Christchurch are flourishing. From new entrants to high school level, kids are happy to be working hard.

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Bring Brilliance to your school

If you think our philosophy would interest your child’s current school, we would be happy to invite them to share our research, philosophy, curriculum modules and experience.

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  • Changing lives

    My children love going to school and I have noticed a huge leap in their ability to create and solve problems.  I drop them at school knowing that they will be cared for and nurtured in a loving environment.

    Seven Oaks parent

  • Changing lives

    I have noticed how my daughter is opening up and becoming herself again.

    Seven Oaks parent

  • Changing lives

    I have two kids who don’t want to leave school at the end of the day!

    Seven Oaks parent

  • Changing lives

    There are two things I don't like about Fridays at Seven Oaks. One is that we don't have Learning Cycle, and the other is that it means I have to wait two days before I can go back again.

    Seven Oaks student

  • Changing lives

    The whole family has benefited from our son's move from mainstream schooling to the wonderful nurturing, educational environment that Seven Oaks provides.

    Seven Oaks parent

  • Changing lives

    When I used to pick up my daughter from school, she would have a blank look on her face and would sometimes just ‘blow up’. Now she makes eye contact with me and talks enthusiastically about school. She is physically tired, but not emotionally drained.

    Seven Oaks parent

Fresh perspectives: what adults can learn from children